Company Philosophy:  What does it means to be Sovereign? 


As we entered the digital age the duplication process that started with the industrial revolution is seeing its apex.  Mass production of goods, while an inherently democratic process for the masses has unified consumption to the lowest common denominator worldwide, just as communication has standardised tastes and social customs all around the world.  

Ultimately though humans are "intelligent soulful beings"  and as such they cannot be regarded only as consumers or categorised in pre-defined boxes.

Regaining one's own Sovereignty, thus being Sovereign, means to regain the quality of having independent authority over oneself, over a geographic area, such as a territory and to regain ones own rightful  status,  independence and openness.

Being Sovereign means recognising the ability to open up to infinite possibilities and to  steer one's own destiny and not passively follow the herd.

This is why we are Sovereign in a world of similar if not identical production.  


The Philosophy Behind the symbol: 

Sacred Geometry Holy of Holies


The Fruit of life is the “Holy of holies” of Sacred Geometry. It is not revealed like the Flower of life which can be found in many places in the world. In fact, it is the hidden secret of Sacred Geometry. It is so confidential that even the Flower of Life, as it appears in the world, is actually only partially illustrated. 

Why is this shape so important and secretive?

The reason is in its potential. If we connect all the possible centers of the circles we will receive 78 lines, creating a structure known as the Metatron’s cube. This structure contains bi-dimensional drawings of all 5 Platonic Solids: the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the Icosahedrons.


These figures are unique in having all their vertexes tangent with the surface of a ball. These figures, and their different combinations, give every possible molecular structure and every possible geometrical law, the reality we live in.

I hold great importance to this shape because it also contains the key to dimensions beyond the third dimensions. By studying the structure of the Fruit of Life you can open the gate to those dimensions and worlds, while usually we only feel their impact but don’t really experience them. It is claimed that the structure of the Fruit of Life contains all possible dimensions of the universe. This is also the reason for the name “Metatron’s cube” – in the kabalistic tradition, Metatron is the angel in charge of all the worlds.

The shape of the Fruit of life is composed of 13 circles. 13 is also the key for unity and for transition between worlds and dimensions. All those who play an instrument know the Chromatic scale of the 12 notes. The thirteenth note is actually repeating the first note, only on a higher frequency – meaning passing to a higher dimension!

Graphic representation of music

The music is the architecture of sound; it is the reflection of the laws of creation and of the universe – as we can see in the structure of the Fruit of Life.