If you are a small or medium business owner  you are probably wondering:  "Why should I spend money on web-video and online marketing services?  My business is doing just fine the way it is and I don't really need this fancy technology.  I'll think about it when I grow my profits".

Well, you are not alone.  We have asked ourselves the same thing and here's what we've discovered:


With the current rate of technological innovations, most of the businesses worldwide are slowly shifting their business model online as this is where the money is.  Cyberspace's expansion rate  has no precedent in human history apart maybe from human virus contagion cells.  This invisible, silent tsunami of information technology is rapidly sweeping away the "old" markets and replacing it with a new, smarter, more efficient, more targetable and more sustainable ways of doing business for the 21st Century and beyond.  A case example is the Music (and the whole entertainment) industry.  Usually ahead of their time to be in line with people's tastes in the present, pretty much every recoding label has switched their model to digital first and online as a natural progression.  Selling CDs and DVDs just wasn't gonna cut it anymore.



In the near future, "the vast majority of us will increasingly find ourselves living, working and being governed in two worlds at once". The real, empirical, tangible space we are all used to doing business in and the virtual, digital, intangible space that is represented online.  Not having adequate tools and knowledge of the medium will represent a similar phenomena as what illiteracy was in the pre-industrial age.

In order to be heard, in order to be competitive in your marketplace you need to have knowledge and tools to help you stand out from the crowd.

Your company and especially your website has potentially the same reach of the one of a huge multinational corporation as the medium is global and your message is heard across the globe with a speed never before experienced before by homo sapiens.  

"So why am I not seeing the benefits of this global market?"

Having an online presence is a good start but, having premium real estate in the digital workspace is a complete different kettle of fish.  Just as you wouldn't want to have a basement office in a deserted alleyway of a very rural city, so you shouldn't do the same in cyberspace.  Every company that wants to survive and thrive in the current market needs to have a strong digital presence and that's where Sovereign Pictures can be of help.

Though the use of individually crafted videos, websites and marketing tools produced to the highest industry standard of both technical specs and cutting edge tastes, Sovereign Pictures is able to boost your online presence in the most effective and measurable way without having to break the bank.  

All of our online videos and marketing communication have tangible data and focusable target audiences and analytics, so that you can always track the success of your campaigns and putting those hard earned dollars to good use to grow your business. Having videos on your website alone increases by 73% the chances of having your business appear in the first page of most search engines without having to spend fortunes in SEO and Adwords.   A well shot video increases exponentially the chances that your message will be heard by bigger, global audiences and in return generate more sales, more clout in a word: more brand awareness.  Trust us, we know.  

We did just that, and if you are reading this page it means that our message has been successfully delivered. ;)


Have a great day.

The team at Sovereign Pictures